How to find a unicorn for couple

find a unicorn for threesome dating

Many people know a unicorn is a legendary creature that looks like a horse but has a long, spiral, and pointed horn in its forehead. While this kind of creature is just a product of the imagination, another type of unicorn’ (with an entirely different meaning) exists in real life. Unicorn is a swinging term that refers to someone who is interested in joining a couple and loves to play the third party role.

In mythology, a unicorn is beautiful, graceful, rare and mysterious – depicting the same qualities found in a person who loves a threesome.

While it is unusual and taboo to find unicorns in the streets, restaurants, or malls; a couple looking for unicorn can use unicorn dating sites. Nowadays, these sites are as rampant as the normal dating sites. There are also unicorn dating apps available for download.

Steps in Finding a Unicorn

To be in a polyamorous relationship is a tough decision to make. Nonetheless, if you and your mate have already decided and ready to have more than one sexual partner, then better turn on that computer and look for unicorn dating sites.

Use the Internet: Like all other sites, you have to create an account using a valid email address to get started. Fill-up the form asking for basic information like your name and preferences. A couple looking for unicorn must see to it their profile is attractive enough to hook up with a good unicorn faster. How about a daring, half-naked photo?

With too many sites to choose from, make sure you are using the one that can give you more features. First, you should be able to browse the profile of other members using the same site even if you are not paying for a monthly premium. Secondly, the site should have a chatroom. Most people these days are busy with a daytime job that they have no time for face-to-face meetings or dates. In fact, it is common for couples to meet their unicorn for the first time hours before the exciting threesome. Another feature to consider is the availability of 24/7 customer service agents to help in case you are a newbie to the unicorn dating site.

Go to Bars and Pubs: Perhaps it is safe to say you will have a hard time looking for a unicorn in church. Where else can you possibly find them than in a bar, pub, or night club? When in this kind of place, you have to sell yourself and your couple. You also have to be honest with the kind of the third party you are looking for. Also, when there are prospects, do not hesitate to buy him or her a drink. They say the best threesome starts with a good bottle of rum or a perfectly-aged wine.

Be Inquisitive: While many gays, lesbians, and bi-sexuals have already come out of their shell proudly, there are still some people who are shy in being a unicorn. If you are a couple looking for a unicorn, then do not be quick to judge a person just because he or she looks straight.

Remember, a straight man or woman could still play the unicorn’s role. It is a misconception to think that unicorn dating is for homosexuals only.

Another misconception is to think that unicorn dating is for sexual pleasure alone. In fact, there are unicorns who are willing to stay in a polyamorous relationship for a long-term commitment.

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